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High Torque


SMART. When too much information is exactly what you need to give your customer, Highwood's HighTORQ-10 and HighTORQ-30 are integral to your operation. Allowing you to accept or reject joints based off your key metrics at the push of a button all while relaying and capturing crucial data.

Work Smarter

  • Adapts to most common production wrenches
  • Accurately measures and logs torque, RPM, Turns
  • Joint # and Tally # are recorded and tracked
  • Automatically controls wrench RPM to make over-speeds a thing of the past
  • Visual reporting gives the thread supervisor easy readouts of key recordable data points
  • Push Button control simplifies wrench operation
  • Provides accurate joint torque from user programmed pipe profiles
  • Real Time data logging and reporting functions that can be remotely viewed and captured

HighTORQ 10

Basic Logging and Control

  • Adapts to most styles and types of open face production tongs
  • Torque is limited by dumping flow to tank when set point is reached
  • -40°C temperature compensated load cell for accurate moment arm measurement
  • Tri-Color indicator for joint acceptance feedback from the thread supervisor
  • Wireless PC Based tablet for joint monitoring, logging, and torque control

HighTORQ 30

Advanced Torque Logging and Control

  • Electric/Hydraulic tong mounted controls with manual override
  • Integrated -40°C temperature compensated load cell provides torque feedback and control
  • Wireless PC based tablet for joint monitoring, logging and torque control
  • Computer controlled ramp speeds, make-up torque and RPM ensure joint consistency
  • Joint profiler allows customization of make-up torque and RPM during make-up cycle
  • Visual feedback indication on wrench provides joint acceptance feedback for wrench operator
  • Auto home sequence returns wrench to home after cycle is complete
  • Logging program automatically analyzes the torque data and displays the profile
  • Class 1 Div 2 tong valve sensors
  • Remote Tablet PC


  • Remote display allows a second display to be located remotely on site to allow a consultant or site manager to monitor progress
  • 3G/LTE modem to allow remote monitoring anywhere in the world Class1 Div 1 quick disconnects for easy set-up
  • Rugged Class 1 Div 2 Remote PC

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